Guidelines for selling covers in the GBFDC Auction

Covers wanted for sale in the GBFDC Club Auction (all covers MUST be in good condition)

Official first day covers

Cinderella first day covers (FDI, cds, H/S or slogan on unusual covers)

Better first day cover postmarks (£15 Catalogue value or over) on Royal Mail, Cotswold, Stuart, Philart, Mercury, etc covers

Relevant Cds (Circular date stamp) first day covers.

Slogan Postmark first day covers.

Meter Mark covers.

Definitive first day covers over £5 in value.

Signed covers first day or commemorative covers (Well known names)


Cover NOT wanted for the GBFDC Club Auction

Philatelic Bureau H/S (unless on an unusual cover)

Unrelated FDI (First day of Issue) on Royal Mail, Cotswold, Stuart, Mercury, Philart, etc.

Handwritten covers (Unless rare postmark, cover or Stamp(s).eg Rare definitive covers

Covers that are in poor condition (creased, torn, stained, Scruffy, or with foxing on the cover or stamps).

First day cover worth less the £5 (Look at the cover and ask yourself, would I pay £5 for this cover, if you answer in NO then please do not send it to the auction)

PHQ cards.

Commemorative covers (unless signed by someone well known)

If in doubt then please contact the auctioneer, Richard Park 07747 803220