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Welcome to GBFDC, the website for all GB First Day Cover collectors


Welcome to our site and welcome to the world of GB First Day Covers. If you collect GB First Day Covers this is the site for you and GBFDC is your one stop resource for everything to do with GB First Day Covers. Our members have extensive First Day Cover collections spanning generations and we have access to a huge resource of First Day Covers meaning that whatever you collect, we can help, advise and supply your needs. Whether you have a standing order with Royal Mail for first day covers, only collect certain thematic covers, or are looking to develop your knowledge and collection of GB First Day Covers, then GBFDC is for you.

GBFDC’s main aims are to:

  • raise the profile of Great Britain first day cover collecting by stimulating greater interest in the hobby;
  • increase the number of Great Britain first day cover collectors;
  • facilitate communication between Great Britain first day cover collectors;
  • and to generally provide more and better information about Great Britain first day cover collecting.

We hold regular meetings in both London & West Midlands and many of our members visit and exhibit at Stamp Fairs so wherever you are in the UK you are never far from a fellow collector. Our society aims to bring GB First Day Cover collectors together to share knowledge, exchange information and generally to enjoy First Day Covers.

If you would like to know more or to join the society then feel free to contact us today.


Ian Balcombe  Hon.Secretary GBFDC

21 The Marlowes, St.Johns Wood

London , NW8 6NB

United Kingdom.

Telephone  0207 586 4668.

E-mail : secretary@gbfdc.co.uk